Watch our video from our launch event, hosted by Alexander Hoare at Hoare’s Bank, the oldest bank in the UK and fourth oldest in the world.

Our trustees have witnessed digital transformation in the commercial space, and it is clear from the statistics that the charity space is seriously lagging. Our aim is simple: to provide the funding, research and education to change this.

"The reason why we exist was really to look at the sector in a very different way: to recognise that the sector moving forwards is going to face an increasing number of funding challenges”

David Melville, Chairman of Trustees, speaking at our launch

We are a small foundation at the beginning of a journey to try and prove the power of digital marketing to increase income and impact.

To create the greatest leverage on our funding, our grants have a narrow objective to maximise impact: to build the case for charities' continued investment in digital by proving out the returns that it can deliver. 

We have found that small charities typically only look at one side of the return on investment equation: cost. Whilst cost is an important sensitivity, it can be very short sighted without looking at the life time value of acquiring new supporters and the ultimate impact to the charity. 

We think of impact in two ways: firstly to employ our charitable resources to create a step change in each charity we fund, and secondly, to learn from the results and open this aggregated data to help the charity sector grow. Our understanding of our impact is rooted in data as you can see under Our Impact.