From a year of doing funding applications, we received hundreds of applications, but less than 10% of those received at Stage 1 received funding, so please take the time to read about why projects fail below to ensure it is worth your time to apply.

We provide a lot of information under our Eligibility Criteria and FAQs but other issues that crop up are usually down to the following:

Poor technical fit

Some organisations have a complex and bespoke requirement. We do not seek to fund organisations for very bespoke projects where the applications, technology or learnings cannot be applied to other organisations.

Lack of internal resources to deliver project

It is very usual for small foundations such as us not to fund all the costs associated with the project and we have seen less effective outcomes in the past when this has been trialled. We therefore require organisations to provide the staff commitment or ongoing costs to ensure the success of a project. We are looking for projects to be sustainable by a charity continuing to invest when our funding is completed.

Lack of senior leadership buy in

Depending on the size of organisation, we advise for senior management to be involved in the decision for our Website Grant, this might include one or more of the Chief Executive, Head of Marketing or Head of Fundraising or another leadership position. We are looking for leadership to be engaged in the conversation.

Lack of project skills

Whenever we suspect that an organisation feels that receiving a Facebook Grant or Website Grant is a “magic solution” to sit back and see their conversions start flying through the roof, we always get concerned. Technology is a tool and it will not work if the organisation does not make it work. For example, no matter how good the technology is, a Facebook Advert will not capture someone’s attention if it is a weak advert and a website will not get as many donations if there are no interesting marketing campaigns or the content is not engaging.