Overview of the CCEP

The Transform Foundation has created the Company Charitable Equity Pledge (CCEP) with our law firm Bates Wells and Braithwaite as a way of UK companies to donate a % of their company to charity on an exit event. 

We created this program to allow companies who have a strong desire to have social impact but lack the cash flow or employee time to make as large a contribution as they would like in the short-term.
We have made the CCEP a publicly available document, and so to review this, please click here to view. 

Creating a legacy for founders

Programme partner:

By ring-fencing anything from 1% of equity upwards to be donated to a specific charity or multiple charities, the CCEP enables companies to ensure they make a significant social contribution, in an analogous way to how an individual may leave a legacy donation to a charity in their will.
Setting up a CCEP is completely free of charge and Transform Foundation takes no fees or commission on managing this for your company. It is a way of founders creating a legacy that allows them to have a charitable project to launch when they exit their company.

The way the CCEP works is that on an exit event, the windfall from the % of your company assigned to the CCEP will either be used to create a restricted donation fund, which will be directed by the founders of the company, or it can be donated to charities of the founders choice. You may also consider using the donation to fund the Transform Foundation.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

If there is a situation, where your company has participated in the CCEP programme, but then at a later date subsequently is selected as one of our partners, we have decided that to avoid conflicts of interest it will be necessary to reassign the shares so they are owned by another charity.

Subscribing your company to the CCEP

If you are interested in making a edge for your company, please email [email protected] with subject "Corporate Charity Equity Pledge" and one of the Transform Foundation team will get back to you to arrange a time to discuss the CCEP program with you in more detail.