Funding goals

As a charity focussed on helping charities with digital, our grant goals are simple: to provide the initial funding to small and mid size charities to help them prove the potential of online marketing as a way of recruiting donors, volunteers, campaigners, or helping beneficiaries.

Focussed funding

The commercial sector spends 45% of budgets on online advertising versus charities that spend 2% (nfpSynergy report). Funding for digital is hard to come by: many funders are not geared up for funding digital, so that is all we do. Since 71% of online advertising is spent on Google and Facebook, we focus on these two platforms and the website as a key tool for content and conversions.

Scalability and sustainability

Our aim is to help charities transition online marketing to being a scalable and strategic solution. We support organisations with the capacity and commitment to leverage their own resources to continue projects and leverage our funding. You can read more about our success criteria and what we do not fund.

Helping the sector succeed

We see our role as two sided as a funder: to help each charity we work with succeed in their objectives and to strategically help the sector from our learnings. It is important to learn from each project we fund and compare results from different charities. Our funding is focussed therefore on projects where we can assess the results.

For example, with our Charity Website Grant Programme, our funding has enabled the funded projects to raise over £1.3M in the first year of our programme.We are continuing to provide funding for our Facebook Grant Programme and will be assessing the impact of our pilot in a similar way. We have also gained great data driven insights in a standardised format on how small and mid sized charities can maximise their impact with digital, and what results in more visitors converting to be donors. We will be sharing these insights as white papers and through our blog posts