We recognise that with some funders, charities can spend a lot of time spent on unsuccessful applications. We are doing all we can to ensure that this is not the case with Transform Foundation. 

We encourage all organisations to firstly read our Eligibility criteria. Secondly please read the relevant grant information page and FAQs since our grants are not right for everyone.

We hold regular free webinars on all of our grant opportunities hosted by our Chief Executive to provide key information for our grants and key terms. We encourage all organisations to attend a webinar before applying. At the end of each Webinar we will conduct a survey to see whether organisations wish to opt in to continue the application (in which case we will email them a link) or to opt out (in which case we will not contact you again about the opportunity). 

Details on the application process can be found on the How to Apply section of our website and are also summarised on the Facebook Grant and Website Grant pages.