• £5000 grants to charities to spend on Facebook Advertising
  • A free additional agency Facebook Advertising managed service through a technology grant partner, who can create the content, deploy and optimise the adverts
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis each month following a successful pilot of the first 5 grants
  • We will also offer a further £10,000 grant as a follow on to organisations who prove to have the most successful ROI

Application process

  • Before applying: Please check our eligibility criteria for the grant and please read our FAQs and Why Applications Fail. We also provide a regular webinar hosted by our Chief Executive to help organisations decide whether or not the grant opportunity is right for them, which you are encouraged to attend after reading our website.
  • Stage 1: a simple online form to check you fit our eligibility criteria and that you have clear, measurable plan for deploying the funding to generate income or impact
  • Stage 2: a telephone interview with one of our grant partnerships managers to assess the impact for the campaign
  • Agreeing the contract: if you are successful we will send you the paperwork to review. There is no obligation to accept the grant if you are successful

Should you apply

  • Your organisation should have a Facebook presence with over 1000 Facebook likes
  • We are seeking to provide the funding to organisations where a £5000 grant would provide a strategic step change
  • If you are a beginner with Facebook grants, do not worry, you can either receive a managed service or basic training from our partners
  • We are seeking to fund organisations who can continue to invest in Facebook Adverts with internal resources after the funding if it proves a strong ROI


  • We have selected Farewill as our partner for the programme if you are interested in using the Facebook Grant for legacy fundraising. Farewill are specialists in legacy giving, Farewill has helped to run Facebook legacy campaigns for several UK national charities - delivering ROI of up to 50x for their charity clients. 
  • What does the process of working with our Facebook Grant partner, Farewill, look like?

    You’ll work with a committed team of designers, developers, and performance marketers to build a Facebook legacy campaign that delivers meaningful ROI. You’ll launch a frictionless digital legacy service for your supporters, bolstered by the latest technology in online will-writing.

    STEP 1You’ll attend a workshop with Farewill to understand your current legacy efforts, and challenges specific to your charity. Together you’ll design a detailed Facebook campaign strategy

    STEP 2 With the help of Farewill’s expert team, you’ll develop content optimised for Facebook, and learn how to build engaged audiences. With their help, you’ll launch your own digital legacy campaign

    STEP 3 You’ll study the data, and with Farewill’s guidance you’ll iterate your campaign to maximise ROI. You’ll then be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to run future Facebook campaigns

Stage 1 takes less than 15 minutes