The Transform Foundation is a registered charity and provides grants to help UK and Irish-registered organisations that are clearly for public benefit and the creation of social value.

To date, we have only funded charities registered with the Charities Commission, the OSCR, the Irish Charities Regulator or the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

If you are not a registered charity, but are a not-for-profit organisation, and do something which is clearly in the public good, we will still consider funding your organisation. We will however additionally provide further questions over email to ensure you satisfy our requirements that your organisation has clear social value on an ongoing basis.

We are specifically targeting small and midsize charities. Whilst we do not have a hard and fast revenue range as some charity income sizes can be misleading, we generally fund organisations between £350k and £30M income a year or who have the resources to follow on our funding through internal investment.

We are shortly going to be announcing programmes for smaller charities, with less sophisticated requirements that are under £350k. For charities that do not have the resources to meet our eligibility or where required, match funding commitments, we suggest you wait till these programmes are launched if you are in this revenue range.

As we are not a large funder, we provide very focussed and specific grant programmes that are not right for every charity. We ask you to fully engage in our process and webinar education sessions once you have been successful in Stage 1 to ensure that the programme is suitable for your organisation.

We seek to be as transparent as possible about all our funding programmes, without overwhelming people with information. Our FAQs are an important source of information, and if you notice anything that we should add to these, please do contact us. As a relatively new funder we are always seeking to improve based on feedback.

What we do not support

Our funding programmes are specific; we are not a general IT funder, therefore we do not fund general software or hardware procurement projects, the development of apps or CRM projects.

We do not fund projects that are not clearly capable of demonstrating a return on investment. We therefore do not fund general awareness raising campaigns or the marketing of simple information pages.

Whilst we recognise that some organisations are extremely stretched in staff time, we do not fund organisations that do not have the capacity or commitment to put internal resources behind making a project a success.

Since our own funding is limited, we seek to ensure that organisations demonstrate a commitment to fund digital alongside us, and to provide continuation funding where necessary.

It is risky and ineffective for us to work with a fragmented array of service providers, therefore we often work with Partners who we have done extensive due diligence on - through doing market research, customer feedback and detailed financial analysis, and who by working with we can provide greater impact to the sector at large. We therefore are unlikely to fund organisations with very bespoke or complex technical requirements. Our ambition is to extend the range of our grant programmes and our partners over time.

Our aim is for our charitable resources to create a strategic step change, therefore organisations looking to maintain the status quo, or provide incremental improvements should not apply.

Whilst we recognise the critical importance of funders funding core costs or staff time, we are unable to do this. Our funding is focussed on hard to fund online marketing expenditure that other funders are often against funding.