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SEO for 2023

Process for optimising a current page

Below is our current process for on-page optimisation. Our process was kindly created by Vanilla Circus. You can call them on 020 8405 6418 or contact them here.

  1. Open Client Worksheet
  2. Open list of client pages (excel document)
  3. Get website login details from the tech doc
  4. Log into website

Optimising the page

  1. Turn on Grammarly in browser
  2. Check grammar and spelling with care (Grammarly is not always correct)
  3. Use Structured Data Markup Make sure it is not already done.

Structured Data Markup:

  1. Choose the kind of page you are optimising, e.g. article
  2. Choose ‘article’ for the article type
  3. Paste the URL to the page in the markup generator
  4. Add the title of the page to the headline section of the generator
  5. Add the URL of the image (get the URL by opening the image in a new tab)
  6. Add the author of the article and choose whether it is a person or an organisation.
  7. Find the logo of the company from the site.
    1. Open it in a new tab
    2. Download the image, and checking the width and height.
  8. Author type is Organisation
  9. Upload an image of the logo with the correct proportions
  10. Add a URL of the logo of the company (get the URL by finding an image of the logo on the site and opening it in a new tab)
  11. Add the date that the page was published
  12. Add the date that the page was last modified

If not already done:

  1. Create a subtitle at the beginning of the content as a Heading 2 (H2)
  2. Link H2 to the level above
    1. For example, the level above would be
  3. Add an image above all of the content, and include a link to a relevant page and an alt tag.
  4. Add new images to align left or right every 200 words
  5. Update everything every 5 minutes
  6. View page in mobile app
  7. Then break up the content into smaller paragraphs of no more than 5 lines on mob view.
  8. Change Yoast title and meta description
  9. Add location if the dentist


  1. Adding images
    1. Add alt tag
    2. Add link

If the content needs to be broken up:

  1. Add a new h3 heading after every third paragraph
    1. Take the title content from the paragraph below
  2. Add quotes, bolds, italics, and bullet points to break up the content
  3. Add a second image with a relevant link and alt tag if the previous image is aligned to the left, make the next one aligned to the right.
  4. Make sure the end of each page has a lead to another page.


  1. No links in the first two paragraphs
  2. Link within each paragraph to a relevant page chosen from the list of existing pages
    1. or a CTA i.e. Contact us
  3. External links can be added if relevant ONLY to lower-level content
    1. Most open in a new page
  4. Mix up how the links are coded i.e.
    1. Add links to words within a paragraph
    2. Bullet points
    3. H1/2/3 titles
    4. Bold
    5. Italic

All make sense, contact Transform on 0800 221 220 today.