Due to skill, resource, budget and time constraints, charities are struggling to make the most of technology and digital. For many non-profits it can be hard making the most of comms and marketing channels, IT infrastructure and networking are likely a puzzle, managing data is an ongoing headache and optimising fundraising to engage with supporters effectively is a worrisome challenge. We’ve identified four key areas of learning to form a scalable and multi-disciplinary syllabus:

  • Technology and Data Management
  • Ops and Governance
  • Income Generation and Fundraising
  • Digital Marketing and Content

The Transform Academy will offer:

  • Professional digital, data and technology, solutions, support and resources
  • Access and advice from leading technology suppliers to charities
  • Consulting services - frequent surgeries and additional one-to-one consulting
  • Presentations from charity experts, philanthropist and corporate professionals
  • General charity and third sector trends and insight reports

Details coming soon!