Research by the Pew Research Centre shows that higher income households are more likely to be more active on the internet and have higher usage of social media. Yet with most charities focusing their digital fundraising efforts on crowdfunding, few have a well-developed strategy for securing major gifts through digital outreach. However, this is quickly changing, with numerous success stories emerging where major donors have been secured via digital channels.

Creating an effective digital major gift fundraising strategy requires the right training for gift officers, the right segmentation of your existing supporter base and the creation of calls to action that are most likely to elicit large sums.

To help provide insight into how to effectively secure major gifts via digital channels, the Transform Foundation will be co-hosting a roundtable discussion focusing on the intersection between digital and major gift fundraising.

Key points of discussion amongst participants will include:

  • Discussing success stories where digital fundraising campaigns have led to the acquisition of major gifts
  • Evaluating the optimal messaging, themes and calls to action to maximize the chances of attracting major gifts with a digital campaign
  • Sharing ideas on how social media communication strategies can be tailored to engage high net worth individuals
  • Understanding how to identify groups within your existing supporter base that may represent good major gift prospects for digital fundraising programmes.

Places at this event are very limited.  Please register and we will contact those who have been successful in due course

Booking for this event has now closed.