This webinar is designed for beginners and newcomers to online paid advertising. You will walk out equipped with the basic techniques for using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to raise money online. 

The webinar will run you through the interfaces and how to optimise your campaigns on each platform, alongside practical advice about getting your initial campaigns started.

Graeme Crossley will deliver this webinar, he is a freelance digital marketing consultant though he began his career in 2005 as a TV & print media planner/buyer when the digital marketing function in agency teams was one person buying banner ads and pop-ups. In his career, he has seen first-hand the rise in sophistication, prevalence and diversity of digital marketing channels available to advertisers. Perhaps more than any others, Google and Facebook represent the greatest opportunities to reach people who are actively interested in your cause and he will be sharing with you the fundamentals that you can apply straight away to do so.

Booking for this event has now closed.