In addition to this white paper with Accenture, we will be running an events series with DLA Piper on GDPR. Please check out our Events section for more information.

Personal data is the lifeblood of charities.  We deal with the intricacies of life; with organisations for birth, bereavement, bonding, betrayal, blindness, betterment, building, bankruptcy, etc.  This being one letter and a small slice of the plethora of support we provide.  In this we have people’s most intimate details, their personal facts concatenated into the 0’s and 1’s of our systems, and with the obligation to ensure these are kept secure and are used responsibly.

We have been driving this through our organisations as data protection, but a change is on the way in terms of regulation.  This is a good thing – as it ensures that our personal details are ours to own and for companies to provide transparency in how they collect, maintain, process and delete the data we have agreed to provide them.

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