Building scalable and sustainable funding models

We place paramount importance on sustainable and scalable projects that make a difference to the greatest volume of people. Often success is bought around by the selection and strength of our partnerships. We work closely with foundations, wealthy individuals and commercial partners across the UK to amplify the impact of our funding.

By working with selected partners we seek to:

  • Deploy our funding in a secure and scalable way
  • Ensure we have robust contractual relationships to protect the charities we fund
  • Work with proven, innovative and market leading organisations
  • Ensure our programmes are delivered with a consistently high delivery level
  • Collect comparative and standardised studies to see sector trends to amplify our impact

Deploy our funding securely

We are accountable to our trustees and funders to deploy our funding securely with trusted suppliers. This means doing due diligence (customer references, market research, financial due diligence, legal due diligence etc) on all partners before paying for services to ensure they have the capacity to deliver and financial stability. We give priority to partners who can demonstrate serious levels of funding from other well respected funders or investors.

If we left every charity to find their own supplier, this would be prohibitive given we are a relatively small funder with a small team. We are able to accelerate our due diligence if an organisation is an approved National Council for Voluntary Organisation (NCVO) Trusted Supplier.

Robust contractual relationships

We work with leading charity law firm, Bates Wells and Braithwaite, to ensure there are robust legal arrangements in place with each partner and charity that we fund. We require legal agreements to be approved by our lawyers and signed before we deploy any funding.

Work with innovative, market leading organisations

We only work with companies that have a track record in delivering to charities, or are trusted leading blue chip companies in the case of our Digital Skills Timebank. We carry out extensive research and reference checking on our partners and work to assess the effectiveness of all our funding on an ongoing basis with the resource we have available. We also prioritise partners who are NCVO Trusted Suppliers as this gives us further reassurance in our due diligence process.

Consistently high level of delivery

We are looking to work with partners who can commit to delivering at high volume with a proven track record at consistently high standards. Partners must provide evidence that their delivery process is sufficiently scalable to meet the requirements of the programme.

Collect comparative studies

All our programmes are dedicated to not only helping progress each individual charity we work with, but progressing the entire sector. For example with our Facebook Grants we are hoping to learn from each charity study to crack the common steps to success in Facebook fundraising and marketing for charities to amplify our impact in the sector. We therefore seek technology partners who can work with us to deliver data driven insights that allow us to help demonstrate how investment in digital can directly lead to income and impact.