The partners for the existing grant programmes are listed under each grant page. We select one or more partners for each programme to ensure reliable, proven and scalable delivery, financial robustness, risk reduction and to allow us to use standardised impact reporting metrics.

For each of our grant programmes, our impact is two-fold: to help each charity raise more funds and to gather data to create benchmarking and best practice to be used by the wider sector.

Our partner for the Facebook Grant is Farewill, who have been successful in delivering up to a 50x ROI for several national charities.

Our partner for the Website Grant is Raising IT, who are the leading provider of charity websites in the UK, managing the websites for over 300 charity clients raising millions of pounds each year.

We have been building partnerships with other organisations for new programmes which we will be rolling out this year. We are always on the lookout for other partners for our grant programmes and please contact us with suggestions, but please read our Partners page on our website before.